Pump mixes are designed for all standard structural exposed and block fill mixes. It can be used for building foundations, garage slab, retaining wall. The strength ranges available from 17.5MPa through to 50MPa, depending on the mix design required for the job. It required a Trailer pump or Truck mounted pump to do the job onsite, depending on the aggregate size from 6mm to 20mm.


Standard mix can be used for driveways, patios, pathways, and concrete is discharged directly from the back of the concrete truck. The strength ranges available from 17.5MPa through to 50MPa. Please note that standard mix is not designed to be pumped.


Blockfill is a quick and efficient method of supplying large quantities of grout to any residential and commercial project. It is a flowable mix that can be used for filling concrete block work walls. Available in a 6mm Aggregate size with a higher slump is required. The strength ranges available from 20MPa through to 40MPa.


All concrete products meet the requirements of NZS3104:2003